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  • mercutio: i can see what's happening
  • benvolio: what?
  • mercutio: and they don't have a clue!
  • benvolio: stop
  • mercutio: they'll fall in love and here's the bottom line -- our trio's down to two
  • benvolio: people are dying
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do u ever have that default username that you always use and if a site already has it taken youre like . speechless

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This article just infuriated me. 

I agree with one part - that women don’t need to be anything for a man. That’s true. But here’s the thing about the rest of this song - it’s RIGHT.

You CANNOT sit there and expect me to feel bad for you because one single song makes you feel like you’re “not beautiful.”  #newsflash you are. How about you listen to, oh…I don’t know - any other top 40 song other than “All about that bass.” Or read the front pages of the Supermarket Smut. The same front page that a healthy but overweight 13 year old girl is reading while she glares at her mother for buying groceries and feeding her. 

There’s no denying I’m a thick person. I have been my whole life, and probably will continue to be. What can I say - my genes are big and so are my jeans. And it’s taken me YEARS to admit that. I’ve been simply ashamed of who I am - just because society views me in a disgusting, lazy light. To 85% of people, I’m not beautiful because I’m fat. To the other 15% I have “great skin,” “amazing hair,” and “such a gorgeous face!” If I say “I’m fat” the first thing out of someone’s mouth is “oh my GOD no you’re not.”

Yes. I am. That doesn’t mean I’m not beautiful and that doesn’t mean that I can’t be confident. And I’m not saying that skinny people don’t have body image issues - they do. Everyone does. But there’s a difference between what I went through growing up fat than what someone else did. 

I remember the first time I realized I was fat. I was with all of my friends in the hallway before class, and I was thinking “everyone is just so…thin…why am I not like that?” It was a defining moment in my life. I wanted to hide it but you can’t hide that. You’re fat and the whole world knows it but can’t talk about it. It’s the worst. 

So can you whining white skinny bitches just let us fatties win one battle? We have to fight our whole lives against this “anti-fat” movement; let us have one top 40 song for 3 weeks in 2014.

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